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Selves; Set

pucker your lips on the lies you speak, love/swallow your eyes like tears thick/we’re all fucked up and a little lonely/too many beautiful faces on the…



can you be mad on the idea of madness alone hooked on something peculiar although to be so self-obsessed seems strange? it came in phases phrases…

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Manic Panic

You know that woman who functions best when she’s stressed, highly caffeinated and powering through life in a pencil skirt? That woman who nonchalantly chants ‘when…

AP Accident Prone

Accident Prone

I suffer from a persistent—and, unfortunately, incurable—disease called AP. More commonly known as Accident Prone. We all know AP is often self-diagnosed by a lot of…

Tram Travel

Tram Travel

Trams are funny things. By that I mean funny: ha ha and, of course, funny: fucking weird. Seriously, the daily use of public transport provides endless…