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Let’s face it: I have an obsession with models.

Sure, it might be an unhealthy obsession, or a slightly-stalker-esque infatuation, or even a how-the-heck-are-models-so-imperfectly-perfect! envious addiction. But still: I love the bony, beautiful creatures! Even if they are hangers for clothes; even if I might not know their names; and even if I secretly hate them for compelling me to love them so much.

It’s just that the living mannequins make me feel … so completely. fucking. AWED.

Every time.

And even if I’ve lost almost-all control of my obsession, I still have enough composure left to recognize that such a WONDERful feeling should be shared.


So take a look. Fall in love. Crush on the creatures with nonexistent hips and killer jawlines.

Enslave yourself to the model masters who rule my world.

You’re very welcome. Xxxx

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