emma dee style

I have a confession to make.

I used to identify myself as a ‘fashion writer’. Example: “What do you write about?”—”Oh I write about fashion, daaarling.”

But the truth is: I don’t. And I’m not a ‘fashion writer’ at all. Sure, I do have a tendency to write about, ahh, fashion—but it’s not exactly what you think.


You see, I think the word creates an incy-wincy-teeny-tiny (aka: massive) misconception of what I love. Of course, I do adore clothes, clogs and Chanel, but I’m more about STYLE than fashion. And these two things, although hand-in-hand most of the time, also have non-hand-holding ‘differences’, too. They’re not always the perfect couple, as they say.

And while much of what I love IS fashion—it’s the reason why I love it that matters. And that, my dear, is STYLE. (Yep: I’m pedantic and perfectionistic by nature, so for me to be stereotyped as loving EVERYTHING fashion-related … well, it makes me want to hang myself with a cheap looking, but ‘oh it’s expensive,’ scarf).

So let me clear things up for you, doll: I know what I love—AND WHAT I REALLY LOVE IS STYLE. MY STYLE.


Yes: it does sound a bit arrogant.

And look, it probably is.

But it’s what I love that makes me love it, yes?


Indeed, I am one of those bitches who can tell if I like (or don’t like) an item simply from looking at it. Looking at it, when I hurry past a shop window and momentarily see it, you know: ‘out of the corner of my eye’. If I like it, I could tell you, not only the colour, but also if I like the material; if it’s a timeless piece or a trendy piece; if it’s ‘me right now’ or ‘me, five years from now’.

What I am trying to say, is I know what I like, and I am one VERY picky bitch.


And this, to me, is STYLE. You’ve gotta know what you love, doll—and then you’ve got style.

It might not make you stylish, per se, but that’s not the point.


The point is that I’ve got style—and I’m all about my fine-tuning it, loving it, breathing it, and becoming it.


And I’m all about influencing others to love what I love, too. Sorry: I guess there’s nothing more fabulous than having someone love what you love!


So I have put together what I love here, in case you share a similar (and chic) style to me. Or in case you haven’t quite worked out what you love yet.


Remember: breathe in style; exhale stereotypes. A label shouldn’t make you love it. And just because someone else does, doesn’t mean you should have to, either.






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