emma dee philosophyConsidering many of the idiotic things I’ve done in my life, it would be a safe bet to assume that my brain is quite small. Well, the fucker isn’t. It actually has ample room for some ridiculously large and lunatic thoughts.

You see, unlike most people, I don’t just think: I think, then I think about the thinking, then I think about thinking about the thinking, and then I think some more about all the thinking, until I become so confused I have no idea what I’m thinking, but I think that I thought about something which made me think it was worthwhile pursuing all the thinking.


Yes, it is very exasperating.

Yes, it makes me a bit strange.

And yes, I’m worried someone might take me away for a ‘rest’.


But the good (or bad) news is: they haven’t yet. So I’m free to continue floating on a lucid dream of chaotic thoughts, contemplate the infinite realms of all that is (and has ever been) and deliberate on deep and meaningful shit like the divine answers as to why we are here, why specifically ‘we’ are here and why we have similar—yet at the same time so vastly different—perceptions, passions and obsessions about everything and nothing; especially when we discuss, specifically, ‘we’, as in: you and me.

Are you following?


Look, in a nutshell: I’m oddly interested in, and curious about, everything and anything. Human connection, psychology, ‘the soul’—let’s be honest: the whole fucking universal shebang—all fascinate and frighten the absolute shit out of me. And I think about these things a lot. As in: a lot, A LOT.

And then I think that I’m thinking about them, and then I think …


In all seriousness, I hope you find some of my thoughts interesting, if not amusing. I do have a tendency to go ’round and ’round in circles (not that you would have suspected this) … and, yes: sometimes I get dizzy, and sometimes I arrive at a destination that doesn’t exist. But I guess it’s bound to be contradictory (and confusing) when you’re trying to work out answers to questions that haven’t been asked though, right?


Don’t ever be frightened of your big brain.



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