Publication Projects


visible ink on the ledge of the world jpeg

Collaborated with RMIT University peers in the publication of On the ledge of the world, the Visible Ink anthology of 2013. Contributed in all areas from ‘project’ to ‘publication’. These included:

  • scrutinising, organising and selecting all submissions
  • guiding the design process
  • editing and proofing selected works
  • managing social media platform, Instagram
  • promoting and ‘MC’-ing fundraising events
  • selling publication once printed; and
  • working as part of a team to produce a tangible (not to mention, cute) book featuring: short stories, non-fiction, poetry, photography, illustration and graphic design.



HATE the magazine jpeg

As a requirement for one of my classes, I designed and produced a ‘mock mag’, HATE. Only four pages long, this baby was more about becoming proficient in Indesign and Photoshop than, ahh, becoming profitable …

Consequently, I learnt how to swear at my computer, mutter to myself like a deranged fool, and curse the bitches who are naturally tech savvy. In saying that, I also learnt—for an oddball of mixed reasons—that I actually adore Indesign and Photoshop. Oh and that warm fuzzy feeling of producing something out of nothing was pretty cool, too.

HATE had to include many requirements (e.g. ads) and my own writing. HATE is a take on UK’s the LOVE magazine. Check out LOVE if you’re not familiar with it … she’s a beauty!


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