emma dee bitch

Every bitch needs to have a bitch.

Here you’ll find exactly that: me, being a bitch; having a bitch; and taking bitch-esque insulting to a whole new level.

Warning: many of these articles contain explicit language and may be deemed as ‘highly offensive and completely inappropriate’ to some.

By some, I obviously mean those who don’t share the same humour/harshness as Yours Truly.

So bitch along with me, or hate the bitch: the choice is yours.

But like they* say: Better out than in.


*If you’re one of those prissy pricks who lives by the saying, if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all … well, I think now is the perfect time to announce:

“Bon voyage; arrivederci; toodles; so long suckers … I never liked you anyway!”


I am the captain of this chic ship—yes I am channeling pirate-meets-Prada—and the only seasickness I will tolerate is my word vomiting.


You’ve been warned.

Love le bitch.




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