Meet emma dee

emma dee ps screen shotHi, I’m emma dee. Lowercase e and lowercase d. I live on eye drops, coffee and bursts of intense creativity, quite often described as ‘insanity’. Who are you?

Right, you might need to speak up, doll: I can’t seem to hear you above the voices in my head telling me I’m a genius. Plus random images of beautiful art, antiques and wine keep materialising out of the infinite realms of nowhere. Not to mention, I’m already planning my next outfit while subconciously reading Jane Eyre, a thesaurus, and an editing encyclopedia. Did you say something along the lines of, “You’re boring me”?

Oh, my mistake, that must have been what I thought.

Sincere apologies … it’s hard keeping track of things when you’re being told you’re so goddamn fabulous all the time. Ha, what a mind of mine! Don’t even get me started on the individuals who constantly inform me of this in real life—the annoyance of it all! But I guess that’s just what you get, you know: when you’re busy being emma dee.

Ah wells, it’s been lovely meeting you—we’ll do this again over a soy latte sometime, yeh?



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