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The Egyptian Goddess

One of my girlfriends, Lauren Green, recently had an exhibition (delightfully titled ‘The Rainbow Hunt’) for her collection of circular paintings . Naturally, wanting to make a spectacle out of the whole affair, she asked Yours Truly to provide another element of creativity to the exhibit. So I did a lil’ spoken poetry on one of her paintings titled ‘The Egyptian Space Cadet’. I wanted it to be a chaotic mess of ostentatiousness and rawness.
Here it is (sorry you don’t get my angelic-sounding interpretation though):

Oh Darling!

It’s SUCH an exquisite piece

Such a unique,

Ravishingly rich

Mesmerizing technique

Not remotely meek

Or bleak

It’s so chic!

And colourful

And beautiful

And tremendously delightful and …


Fuck it—

I’m not actually an art critic

Just a poetic little lunatic

Not even a writer—

Just a girl who strings

her thoughts together

Not a performer

Just a rambling ranter;

Quite often self-absorbed.


You see

Loz wanted me

to write

and read

aloud my thoughts on her paintings

I’m emma dee.


I’m a tad insane

Mildly deranged;

A page,

I suppose you could say

Of an unopened book

Forever dwelling

In a place unexplored

Basking in the flaws

Of it all.


The different,

The peculiar

The downright fucking weird

—Just to let you know—

It’s what I love and where I live.


So my thoughts

I suppose

are just what I think

But my emotions are the real link

That puts the ink

On my page

And on this stage

Now, for you.


So here I go:



Nestled in the paintings

It’s what I see

Triangles, angles

Imperfectly perfect

They make my heart sing



So many colours

Blues, greens, purples


The hand of their creator;


My friend.

Memories of taking acid together

Laughing, giggling,

Talking to the moon

I wonder:

Was Loz high when she painted

her paintings too?


Because everything seems

Slightly askew

A few

Mismatched lines

Blending dyes

Not quite precise

Yet just right

I feel like Goldilocks

When I look at these paintings


Cozy, snug

A caterpillar in a rug

Seconds before she gets her wings

A fairytale?

A fantasy?

An untold reality?

I am not sure

Any more

I’m seeing the end

And feeling the beginning


I’m spinning



I feel high

Like I’m tripping


Dipping in the sky

Between the clouds of colour

And the shapes

And the stains

Imperfectly perfect

Insanely sane

And nothing makes sense

But I understand everything.


Lost in space

But not out of space

For my eyes

trace the sketch

of the silhouette

shadowing the shadow

that isn’t there

Filling in the gaps

Where there’s no room

To move

But I can do cartwheels

and flips

forward and back

and a yoga pose here or there

if I so desired

I’m inspired

and so tired

with all of the energy

echoing through my body



yet ever so gently


you’re Home.”



Home in the heart

of The Egyptian Space Cadet

A magnet

A circle of paint

Drawing me in

Engulfing me


These feelings

Nestled inside

She’s existing




Inside all of me now


But she’s a heart

Without one



making a sound

She’s a circle of paint

A circle of love


All around.

She’s everywhere

But she’s not anywhere

She’s not even a she

For she’s not beating

She’s not breathing

Yet she’s more alive than

Some of us who are living:

A painting.

A feeling.

Is art just reality dreaming?




those who aren’t sleeping?


What a funny thing

—contradictory, perhaps—

to critique

The mystique

The cryptic

The exotic

And hypnotic

The Egyptian Goddess

Her eye in the centre

Of her wheel

Her wheel

That’s forever turning

Yet infinitely still

Where is she now?

Has she ever moved

Has she ever travelled

This Goddess who’s not real?

She’s just a title.


But she is more real

to me

Than reality

Because she is creativity’s


a feature

just like us:

brought to life

seemingly spontaneously

yet simultaneously

with purpose

under the surface

even though the surface

is what we see

—is easier to see—

Look further

Look deeper

Feel it:

Become high on the fumes

Of confusion—



My heart is singing

Without making a sound

And it’s the most beautiful silence

I’ve ever heard.




tits, loz, moo

My artist amigo Lauren Green a.k.a Loz (centre) in front of her paintings with our girlfriends, Tanayah a.k.a Tits (left) and Ashlea a.k.a. Ashy Moo (right)

The Egyptian Goddess JPEG

a close up shot of ‘The Egyptian Space Cadet’





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