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Too Little Too Late

too little

too late

even though

her bags are packed

and she is

on time


her suit case

is heavy

with ghosts

from her past

she has over-packed


she didn’t know

what to wear

so she wore

nothing at all;


waiting for you


too much

too soon

too heavy

you’re not ready

her feet were getting



so she did

what she had always done

opened her suitcase

and looked inside

she could always find

comfort there


but she sat

without sitting


on her past

her view

would be distorted

if she rested

her whole weight there

she wanted

to see you clearly

when you finally arrived



the hours


the days


so many sunsets

she saw

hovering there

waiting for you

still you never showed


she considered



in the ghosts

from her past

but they didn’t

quite fit her


it made her sad


tears fell

onto her naked skin

she didn’t brush

them away though

she wore them

though they hurt


she was feeling

painfully existing

in the present now


what it was like

to experience

a ghost that hadn’t left

a ghost who never arrived

while sitting so close

to the ones who,

underneath her,

were always by her side



too little

too late

she tells you now

when you finally show


“I checked in my

baggage baby

in fact I threw it out

you became a ghost too

while I waited for you

and when I waited

I realised

ghosts don’t quite fit

like they used to”


you looked at her

naked skin

nothing by her side

kissed her

on the cheek

and told her

you were sorry

your suitcase

was too heavy

it was the reason

you were late


“I could have

helped you carry it

you know:

not hold it alone

but together we could

have shared it

we could

have made it

and time

wouldn’t have mattered

if we had arrived



you told her

you had to do it

on your own

and she understood

for she had carried

her own baggage too

but the difference was

she was willing

to share it with you

to show it to you


she couldn’t understand


“goodbye my

once lover

my once best friend

I cannot see you



and she kissed

you gently

on the lips

and told you


“even though

your ghost is gone

I kept you in my heart

but I will never forget

you dressed

my skin in tears

you kept me waiting

with my past right

beside me


and on show

I was naked

and I am still naked

searching for you

but I cannot see

who you are



too little

too late

she walks

through the gate

to freedom

and you hand her

your bag

on her way out


“now I see you”

she said


“thank you

for showing me

what I was not


love is to be shared

not handed over

love is not waiting alone

it is showing your ghosts

even though you’re frightened

love is having the courage

to do it together

not for another to see

because it makes

the burden easier.”


and so she left

no ghosts by her side


she would miss you

and still love you

but only in her heart

for she knew

you couldn’t keep

her waiting

if you only existed there.

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