A petite mess of style and substance. A Melbourne writer. A controversial bitch daring you to see our world differently.

Her Smile

All I see

is a sea

of lips

Red lips


white specs

of snow

a smile

gleaming up

at me

waking me up

from a dream

I’m still dreaming



the colour

of my blood

moving faster now

the colour

that says stop

you’re awake now




stained on

her lips

pretty lips

plump lips

painted with the colour


a sea of blood

I’m drowning in



the colour

of the picket fence


the perfect home

leave the colour

of A4 paper

in the letterbox, my love.


I’m in love

with that smile

teeth so white

the colour

closest to clarity

if transparency

could be described

in a colour


she’s seeing all of me



but not looking

in my direction

at all

she’s laughing

and I’m unfolding



in those lips

those teeth

that smile


take a picture

so you can see

why this image

never leaves


press play

again and again

make her laugh


I don’t remember

how I did

or what I said

all I keep seeing is

her smile

waking me up

from the dream

I never dreamed

how could reality

tell me

you’re falling

without moving


One moment

a mini lifetime

a smile

plunging me

into the murky sea

of love


Don’t kiss her

You’ll ruin it

Take me out of this moment

But please, keep me in it.

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