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Fall in

If I could give just one piece of advice to anyone, to everyone—friends, family, strangers and the like—it would be this:


Fall in love.


Now I don’t mean ‘fall in love with the idea of falling in love’. Nor do I specifically mean fall in love with someone, or with some vague entity we choose to call ‘life’, or even with something extraordinary and precious to you, and to you alone. No. I simply mean: fall in love. Fall in love, full stop. In whatever way you can: just promise me you will fall in. I want you to immerse yourself, engulf yourself, unfold yourselfsurrender—to whatever it is that unearths this intense feeling inside. Fall into it, fly with it, dance inside it, stumble upon it; as long as you and love are so deeply intertwined I honestly don’t mind how you go about it. Whatever takes your fancy my darling, just fucking fall in love.

Fall so in love that you become love. That’s how deeply you must fall.

And if you believe you have fallen before but you’re no longer entrenched in love’s embrace, or you’ve come up to the surface for some reason or other, and you and love seem somewhat detached, disembodied: well, I’m sorry to tell you, but you have not fallen in quite the way I suggest you do. Because I promise when you do—fall completely and endlessly into it—you’ll sure as hell realise you cannot leave or live without one another. You will work out that it’s infinitely impossible, my darling, to live a life separate from love. That kind of falling in love—my only advice that I give to you—is the only breath you will ever need to breathe for the entirety of your existence; it is all you will ever need for a truly enriching life. And all you need to do is fall. Fall in.


If you’d rather be anywhere else or anyone else … fall in. Fall in love, not with who you want to be or where you’d rather be, but into the beauty that lets you embrace the more you can be and the many more places you can explore too. Be that, go there. But first fall into the wonder that lets you experience, realise and seize this. Into the wonder of love, letting you know, however subtly, that you’re not quite home yet. Trust wholeheartedly that it isn’t found in a perfect place, in a pretty place; in a place where you imagined you’d be when you made your five-year plan. Love isn’t something you need to find at all … it’s not even hidden: it’s within you already, only it’s found when its felt.


So fall in love with the person you already are and the places you have already been—surrender to all of it. Hell—even fall in love with the place you are currently in: it has given you all of what you know and all of what you long to find out. You must fall madly in love to recognise this. So fall hard, fall fast, but never ever stop falling. You must reach madness to feel the magic. And even then you will still be reaching, diving, incessantly exploring—falling—into the sweeping insanity that comes with such overwhelming saneness. The comfort of confusion will hold you there and—I promise you now—nothing will make sense: but, my god, will you understand everything.


If you’re not frightened, fall further. If you’re not more vulnerable than you ever thought humanly possible, fall further. If you’re not sure if your heart’s about to explode and shatter into a million fucking pieces, feel further. Feel it. Fall into it. Let love blind you and lead you home. I promise it will not break you—even though falling into it will hurt—love will make you whole. And for the first time in your life you will finally understand what you already knew to be true. Fall into the place you’ve never left; into the core that made you; into the love that is the only breath you’ll ever need to breathe.


Fall in love. And for fuck’s sake do it now.




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