A petite mess of style and substance. A Melbourne writer. A controversial bitch daring you to see our world differently.

Styled Selfies and Self-absorbed Cropping

What you’ll normally find in What I wore will be photos of Yours Truly wearing, ahem, what I wore, generally on the day I wore it. Yep, outfit galore, doll. It’s pretty self explanatory, let’s be honest (unless you happen to be a complete dumbarse, which I’m seriously hoping you’re not).

Any who, what I’ve done for you (because I’m such a sweetheart) is upload a few snapshots of some previous ensembles, just so a sistah (or a fabulous mistah) can stalk my style.

Warning: vanity and insanity are highly present. I have had many a new ‘do (hair, honey) of late—so some pics look prehistoric, but they’re actually not. They should be in order (starting with the most recent), so you may notice a slight tweak in my style. Wish I had more fashion, less face going on—but alas, at least you can see how much I adore lipstick. And earrings. And shameless selfies. X

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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