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Melissa George said it

fingerprint heart

One of my all time favourite quotes is this. It was spoken from Melissa George when asked about ‘her beauty advice’:


“My beauty advice has nothing to do with what I apply to my face or body. It’s to do with state of mind, loving yourself and positive thinking. For every negative thought, I try to tell myself three positive thoughts.

Be kind to people and live the life you want, not what others tell you. Your body is a temple, treat it with care and it will take care of you for your entire life. Go dancing, tango especially! Fall deeply in love, even if you get hurt (it’s the fact that you went for it that counts) and drink very good wine—it will make your face flushed and in return you will look beautiful.”


Indeed, it is one of the most perfect and poetic things I have ever read … which is saying something, because I first read it, a long time ago, in Cosmopolitan or—dear god—Dolly magazine! I know. I read it in another life, several moons ago when I was interested in trashy magazine and almost-always clichéd advice. It would have been almost five years ago, I think—and, still, it has stuck with me. (Literally I cut it out and stuck in on my wall where it stayed, until it found another wall on another house; and then a window frame on another house after that, too.)

Ex Interior Design

So obviously, it wasn’t the customary clichéd advice I had been accustomed to; and I think that was why I loved (and still love) it: it speaks the truth; it speaks the truth in a humbling, yet humorous way, too. And I love Melissa George and her words so much for doing that: for letting us know that it’s okay to be both wise and a little foolish; it’s okay to have a big heart, and a playful one; and it’s okay to just be in a world so consumed with being someone. Isn’t that just really lovely? I think so.

And although the Cosmopolitan-slash-Dolly cutout has absolutely reached it’s Blu Tack limit, I will find another way to carry Melissa George’s quote around with me. Whether I will put it in a frame, or keep it in my heart, such beautiful advice will always, always, remain close.


And isn’t that just lovely.






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