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Infinitely Beautiful

Infinitely Beautiful poem

She is infinitely beautiful

like the celestial bodies,

which float in a thing called


Like a star; hovering

in a midst of vapor

and visible particles

she lies

Not on a cloud of disillusion

nor a fantasy fraught with


For the truth is all that runs

from the tips of her toes

to the length of her wings

Though she is not an angel

of this I am sure

for no halo she has

no gospel upon her tongue;

yet there is something sacred

so spiritual about this girl

She has a lightness; a love

of someone old

yet someone so young

a child

a healer

a saint who sins

into the future

of unforgotten dreams

Fragile and flawed

neither naive nor

all knowing

wise without understanding

how or why

and what it means

Her beauty is infinite

limitless beyond reason

and I would give my heart

to capture such beauty

such magnificence

such exquisite chaos

until the end of forever.

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