A petite mess of style and substance. A Melbourne writer. A controversial bitch daring you to see our world differently.

The place of contradiction

emma dee contradiction

The spaces in between

the cracks in the break

the blurred lines

between the real and the fake


The twilight zone

shadowing what is seen

so that what is there

matches what is perceived


The gap in universe

where darkness is light

The infinite that lasts

only for a minute


Take me to the place

that makes no sense


where I learn

what I already know

where I find

what was never lost


Hidden in contradictions

under blankets that keep us warm

in the heat

where the stars and roots meet

where know one really knows

where they are

—    but they’re home


Take me to obscurity

where everything is crystal clear

and beauty and ugly are blended

to show nothing at all


And the crystal that is clear

is really ice

that has never been frozen


Leaking love into hate

and hate into passion

so that our eyes speak

and our mouths listen


And everything becomes beautiful

because we hear the silence

echoing in the space

of universal connection


Take me to this place

where we already live

A contradiction of madness

that makes us entirely sane

and immortally human.



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