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The Lyrics To Your Heart

lyrics to your heart poem

She scribbles words

In her leather bound book

Composing lyrics

To match the beat of your heart

She twirls her hair

And watches the pen write

In time with the rhythm

Of your beautiful, broken heart

The chorus is full of delicate,

Graceful phrases

A symphony of syllables

That sound like the ocean

When the waves first wake up

Her thoughts dance

As she traces the outline of your soul

Playing your pulse inside her head

So that her fingers tap out the

Melody of your mind

Soon she is lost in a sea of sound

As she writes down the song of your heart

A musical masterpiece

Orchestrated by love

Every pen stroke

Echoing the chambers

Of your loud, precious heart.

As her ink bleeds your truth

And the lyrics fill her pages

She understands now

That the strings of your heart

Are not only in script

They are also engraved

In her own

And she could listen to you

And the beats that match hers,



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