A petite mess of style and substance. A Melbourne writer. A controversial bitch daring you to see our world differently.

Death and Beauty

death surrounds us

Death surrounds us

As beauty does

But it is not beautiful.


In the collapse of a heart

In the crash of a soul

In those who are living

And those who have passed;

Death surrounds us.


I know this—

I have held its hand

Quite literally—

It was cold and lifeless

Against my own warm fingers.


Life and death

In the same room;

Surrounding us.


A heart attack that killed my father

Broke a living heart, too

Death stopped the beats of his—

But it forced my own to bleed.


To seize to exist as a mortal man

Or to seize to exist as the girl

You used to be—

You don’t need to be dead

To feel the effects of death.


And so it surrounds me

As beauty does

But I promise you

Death is not beautiful.



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