A petite mess of style and substance. A Melbourne writer. A controversial bitch daring you to see our world differently.


butterflies poem

The butterflies flew inside her

They spread in her veins

Their wings touched her heart

Making it race.


They tickled her chest,

Which made her smile;

Their happiness

Was contagious.


The butterflies entered

From the mouth of another

Given from him

In the shape of a kiss.


They fluttered

They giggled

And danced

Beneath her skin

Sending tiny goose bumps all over.


One by one

They travel her spine

Exciting her nerves

Creating a gentle shiver.


Some called the butterflies love

Others called them lust

She liked to think of them

As pieces of her lover’s heart

Tiny fragments of his soul

That she would keep safe

Inside her own, forever.

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