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colliding with me Iike a kaleidoscope of memories i see only when my eyes are closed you hurt thoughts invading the purest parts of me like…



leather and Dettol mill markets and strips of overheard unfinished conversations   sandwiches and undies like shoelaces and living week to week on a single bed…


New Vision

twenty one twelve fifteen sheets of inspiration delicately torn from a wall once white december the month to start the year over how delicately can you…



can you be mad on the idea of madness alone hooked on something peculiar although to be so self-obsessed seems strange? it came in phases phrases…

The Egyptian Goddess JPEG

The Egyptian Goddess

One of my girlfriends, Lauren Green, recently had an exhibition (delightfully titled ‘The Rainbow Hunt’) for her collection of circular paintings . Naturally, wanting to make a…


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